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Neighborhood Relocation

Utilize Our Corporate Neighborhood Relocation Services. You Choose Your Zip Codes. You Choose the Commission Structure.

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Luxury Golf Course Homes

Utilize Our Luxury Golf Course Portfolio Includes the Top Golf Courses in the Nation. Including Pebble Beach, Riviera, and Augusta National.

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New Luxury Homes

Utilize Our New Home and Pre-Sales Real Estate Portfolio. These Programs are Designed to Offer Executive Services for New Homes and Pre-Sales

Dominate Your Business

I have been selling real estate since 1979 and I personally utilize E Business Intellect’s real estate programs. Their golf course home portfolio and eSeller program have earned me hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Dean Thomas


I am 23 years old, I have been in real estate for 4 years. I implemented E Business Intellect’s neighborhood relocation program in Hawthorne, California. I closed the first escrow out of this neighborhood within 90 days of implementation.

Erick Claudio


I have been a corporate software engineer for most of my career. I started my real estate career in 2021 and immediately started implementing the strategies. PalosVerdesRelocation.com has opened thousands of doors for me.

Tom Hanrahan


E Business Intellect Custom Niche Marketing Programs

Our programs include Luxury New Home Portfolio, Luxury Golf Course Home Portfolio, Neighborhood Relocation™, Foreclosures For Buyers, Houses For Veterans, USFhaVa.com, eSeller, eBuyer, Instant Offer Program, and others.  The partners at eReal Estate Corp. also own Value Mortgage and PrivateLoansAvailable.com to provide investment capital to our agents and their clients. 

Customized 3 Pack: Monthly $699 | Set Up $499 | 75/25 Split


E Business Intellect Guarantee: If our realtor partners do not close more than one escrow out of our realtor programs and technology, we will reimburse your entire annual monthly fee. **Marketing Program Designed by E Business Intellect Must Be Followed**

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